Women Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is connected directly and indirectly to many factors related to the women‟s position and role in society. It might be pertinent to explore the myriad influences impacting women in enterprises. This paper shall traverse the path beginning from early influences to the market conditions. It shall also attempt to look at the internal psyche and environment of women and at the external environment of business.

Early influences When a women is born as a baby girl in a family, is she welcomed or is taken as a burden? In her early impressionable years beginning from the age of 4 or 5 years, is she treated at par with other male siblings and brothers or is she made to feel different? What is the family structure? Is she part of a joint family or is she born in a nuclear family? At some levels all these factors play a role. Girls born into very traditional families with a rigid outlook and in joint structure are likely to be assigned the usual conventional roles and be expected to adhere to the prevailing rules diligently, or face rejection. The rejection can be subtle with an element of emotional pressure questioning the basic relationship, like telling her that she is not a “ good daughter” or it could be tangible like an instruction “ good Girls should be seen and not heard“. The other extreme could be over pampering, mollycoddling, indulgence and a lack of training on being responsible. The family being over protective could install self doubt and a severe lack of confidence in the girl. Both lead to a deficiency of personality in the girl child. If the Girl child is not entrusted with any task which requires a sense of self- esteem and participation in the family affairs and is treated as “ Paraya Dhan “ she is likely to find herself as a beautiful wallflower in her parental home. Young girls absorb subtle messages, which may be unintentional, but very powerful, for example - Girls only have to work if the family is poor and work is like a punishment and sacrifice for a girl. Similarly when working women are frowned upon, the subtle conditioning towards work begins at an early age.

What are the kind of toys given to the girl? 

Are they always gender based toys, or is she allowed to play with all toys irrespective of the gender conditioning. At an early age as part of subtle messaging and conditioning, is the girl taught that her life‟s biggest achievement is landing a suitable successful husband? 

Is her value linked more to her spouse rather than her personal ability?

Most Importantly, Is the Girl ever allowed to have her own dream?

All human beings have dreams. A dream serves as a purpose in life which keeps the human being engaged passionately in the business of living. A dream allows people to face and overcome personal turmoils. A dream is the “ raison d‟être “ that keeps humans going through life. This is not something which can be dictated by anyone except the person concerned.
When the liberty to “ have a personal dream “ is denied to the girl child, she begins to live a life of emptiness and devoid of any real happiness, even though she may have the mundane pleasures of life.
The question arises as to why girls are discouraged from dreaming. A girl child is not allowed to dream because dreams are dangerous and highly inconvenient for the family in particular and society in general. A male child is actively encouraged to dream and go out in the world and find his place in the Sun, but girl child is told that her role( engraved in stone ) is of a dutiful wife, sacrificing mother and an obedient daughter. If she steps out of this “ lakshman rekha “ she is doomed to bring ill luck and a bad reputation to the family. 

In some families of trained professionals like Engineers, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and like, the daughter may be allowed to choose the family profession, but only with the unwritten code, that she should not excel in it to the point where getting a suitable groom becomes difficult. In effect, she must be carful not to appear too intelligent or smart and must „dumb‟ down, so that she may find a groom easily.
Subconsciously it is deeply etched in society and the minds of women that they must must be good followers and never leaders. 

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