Sati in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of those states where feudal remnants are not only in existence, but are rather flourishing under the nexus of caste and power. An alarmingly increased number of incidents of Sati prove this fact. “After the independence of India, 40 cases have been registered but mostly the reported cases have taken place in Rajasthan”. Roop Kanwar was 38th incident. Most of the cases came from Shekhawati area where Sati is still glorified, where there are Sati temples and pujas are conducted. Rani Sati in Jhunjhunu is considered as the mother of all Satis. She belonged to the Jalan family.

The precise date of her death remains unclear, but in 1996, Rani Sati temples all over the country, celebrated the 400th anniversary of her birth. In this context cited dates may be in 1596 A.D. Agrawal families opined that Rani Sati is their lineage goddess. For 400 years she has been worshipped by them. The puja takes place twice a year on two auspicious days; it is believed that family weddings, tonsuring ceremonies, naming ceremonies and other occasions would be incomplete without her blessings. Family membersclaimed that Rani Sati was a brave and sacrificing woman who inspired Agrawal families. “Today there are 100 Sati temples.”

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