Work burdens at home and outside [ASHA Workers]

ASHA workers actually don’t have any stipulated hours of work. They may have to go to work in the dead of night or wee hours of the morning. They may have to spend 24 hours a day during intensive campaigns and programmes. 

So, the task of managing the home and working for NRHM becomes almost impossible. An ASHA worker complained that all her family members including husband remain unhappy with her because she is unable to fulfil their expectations at home, whereas her contribution to the family income is meagre. Even her grown-up daughter said one day that other mothers were much better because they at least cared for the children. Some workers said they became so tired after reaching home that it became extremely difficult to discharge household responsibilities; hence there would always be pressure to quit such a low-paid job. Moreover, the ASHA workers’ own health is jeopardized.

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