Work & Responsibilities of the Anganwadi Supervisors and Workers

Many tasks have to be performed by the Anganwadi Supervisors, as they are the ones ensuring the implementation of the scheme at the sectoral level. They have to take care of all the needs of the pregnant mother and her child. However, the responsibility to make house visits, supervise the nutrition and ensure safe delivery is that of the ANMs and Asha workers.

The mother, with the guidance of the Anganwadi Worker, has to take special care of the infant from birth upto 6 months, giving proper feeds, checking weight, and giving vaccinations.
The malnourished children and mothers are referred to hospitals and the Anganwadi Supervisor herself takes them there. Records regarding the condition of the mother and child are maintained
at the Anganwadi Centre and are to be updated every month. Infant mortality and Maternal mortality are put under check in this way.
Gradation of children as ‘normal’, ‘partially malnourished’ and ‘severely malnourished’ is to be
done after weighing them. They are then to be referred to the hospital and a team of doctors are to attend to them. Severely malnourished children are to be given double the amount of nutrition. They have also to ensure:
· Immunisation of children less than 6 years of age
· Giving anti-tetanus injection to expectant mothers
· Supplementary nutrition to children below the age of 6
· Supplementary nutrition to pregnant and lactating mothers, esp. poor women.
· Proper nutrition, health check-ups and health-education to women aged 15-45
· Antenatal care for pregnant mothers
· Post-natal care of mothers
· Care for the new born child
· Referral of serious cases of malnutrition or sickness to PHCs or hospitals
· Pre-school, non-formal education for children in the 3-5 age group.
Besides, these, they are to do yearly surveys, weigh children every month, maintain files, keep reporting to the Supervisors and CDPOs, keep stock of contraceptive and delivery kits, to ensure pulse polio immunisation, to guide the ASHAs and ANMs and to maintain liason with Mahila Mandals, Gram Panchayat heads and PHC staff.

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