What has been the Impact of the Two Child Norm Policy on Society?

 · The scale of disqualifications in Panchayats where the two-child norm is applicable, is noted to be huge.

· Panchayat representatives hailing from socially disadvantaged groups (SC, ST and OBC, mainly women) who are negatively impacted by the two child norm are noted to be disproportionately higher in number.

· Enforcement of the two-child norm on Panchayat representatives has been identified as a factor leading to increased discrimination against the girl child and worsening the already declining child sex-ratio in India.

· It is claimed that there are direct linkages between negative outcomes for women and the two-child norm including forced abortions, desertions and disowning of the third child, etc.

· Concerns of corruption and caste politics because of the two-child norm have been raised.

· This norm has created complexities and confusions. As for example, in some cases whether twins should be considered as two children or as a single unit, is left to the subjective interpretation of the state.

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