Dowry Prohibition Act-1961

Yet this does not always happen and brides are harassed, beaten up, are sometimes forced to commit suicide and even murdered. By virtue of long-standing women’s movements in India the government has not been insensitive or indifferent towards the indignation of women. Dowry was rendered illegal by a legislative measure in 1961 with the Dowry Prohibition Act coming into force.

Before the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, there was no penal provision against the act of the demanding of dowry. This act was the first penal measure which was passed to fight the evil of dowry. The act was substantially amended in 1984. It is useful to look at few provisions before amendment as well to understand their need. Let’s analyse the provisions of the Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 in detail.
In 1984 the legislature did away with the term ‘in consideration’ in definition of dowry and substituted it with ‘in connection’ and did away with any kind of confusion whatsoever.
By substituting the terms, any confusion regarding whether demands made after marriage would fall within the ambit of dowry is done away with.
Moreover it was seen that payments of dowry were manipulated in such a way that they were made to appear as gifts and not as consideration of marriage. With time this definition was not felt to be appropriate and hence in 1984 it was amended. The amended definition now reads as follows”.

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