Role of Tribal Women:Karbi, Bodo and Mishing Tribes

Women play an active role, but certainly not as decision-makers. In this sense, one can say they are used by the organizations that exploit their patriotism for their homeland and country and also harness their indomitable courage. For example, KNCA, BWJF, ABWF, TMMKA etc.

They have been fighting as a part of the community for their self-determination; they are always in the forefront, facing extreme forms of state repression. But it is the same story always, without proper status, their massive participation is highlighted but they are given no role in decision-making. No women leaders are there in the central committees of these organizations and even in the autonomous councils their representation has been token. Never have we seen a single female signatory during the time of signing any accord, not even during the Assam Accord. Yet, these women’s groups have always been fighting against state repression and violation of human rights.

Among the Mishings, another minority tribal ethnic community in Assam like Tiwas, till now there is no remarkable militant organization and their movement for self-determination has not acquired an anti-state character, due to which the intensity of army repression is not much in Mishing areas. But during Assam movement they had been active, and hence faced state repression; they had played a heroic role.

Among the Bodos, the BWJF has been fighting against state repression and their woman leader Anjali Daimary was put into jail in TADA.

KNCA is the main women’s organization in Karbi Anglong fighting for self-determination along with ASDC since 1986. It has been following communist ideology, hence wanted to become part of a mainstream Communist women’s movement. It became an affiliate of AIPWA, and also formed a local branch of AIPWA, incorporating women of various other tribes. - They have been fighting against Army repression as well as the barbaric activities of militant organizations. In recent times also, KNCA launched a movement against rape of four women by army personnel on 5th and 6th April, 2015. Along with AIPWA, the KSA and many other organizations started the movement; they even staged a protest in New Delhi (photo attached).

Many such tribal women groups were organized by the Sadou Asom Pragatisil Nari Santha under the banner of ARJWAC which first started movements in the demand of Anlali Daimary’s release as well as repeal of draconian acts and special power enjoyed by army in Assam (AFSPA) (photo attached).

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