Difficulties in Calculation of National Income

You will find it interesting to note that in India, there are a numerous difficulties in computing the national incomes. The most serious one is the finding of reliable data. Generally, it is based on assumptions. Soon after independence the National Income Committee was comprised to collect data and compute National Income.

The two major problems which persist in the calculation of national income are:

·      Most of the data is not from the current year.

·      Even if current data are available then values are under-reported.

Obstacles in High Growth of National Income of India

It is essential to note that even if the Indian economy grows faster than the BRIC nations and G6, the advantages of the growth would not be consistently distributed. India’s progress in education cannot be termed as satisfactory. In terms of higher education it has attained tremendous success, but its unsatisfactory performance in primary education and secondary education has been a major obstacle to growth. Likewise, you must take into consideration that India’s healthcare system is in a less than desirable state. Governments’ expenditure on public health has not been up to the needed levels.

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