Types of Manual

Manuals may be prepared by an organisation with different contents and purposes in view, such as, (1) Policy manual, (2) Operations manual, (3) Organisation manual, (4) Rules and Regulations manual, and (5) Departmental manual. These are discussed below :


1)     Policy manual : It is prepared to state the policies of the enterprise. It is a basic guide to action. Policy manual describes the overall framework within which activities are to take place and thus reveals the broad courses of managerial action likely to take place under certain conditions. It contains decisions, resolutions and pronouncements of the management of the enterprise.


2)     Operations manual : The purpose of manual is to inform the employees of established methods, procedures and the desired standards of performance of work. It lists the authorised steps and supplements them by the use of diagrames sketches, charts, etc. of each department and division.


3)     Organisation manual : It describes the organisational setup indicating the duties and responsibilities of various departments and their respective sub-divisions. It is a portrayal of the formal chain of responsibilities and authorities among different persons working in the enterprise. The levels of authority and responsibility of each executive is indicated in the manual so as to avoid conflicts in the organisation. Promotional charts may be included in the organisation manual showing the possible promotional avenues throughout the entire organisation.


4)     Rules and regulations manual : This manual provides information relating to the operating rules and employment regulations. It contains regulations governing hours of work, timings, procedure for taking leave, etc. It is actually a handbook of employment rules. It may also indicate the various benefit plans for employees including rules regarding the use of library, cafeteria, recreation club, etc.


5)     Departmental manual : This manual includes procedures to be adopted with regard to departmental work. It gives in detail the internal policies and operating rules of the department. It shows with the help of charts and diagrams the inter-departmental relationships. For instance, the filing manual contains the organisation of filing department responsibilities of various jobs, relationships between the employees, and the standard procedures for different operations. Similarly, other departments may also have such manuals.

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