Team Development

As you have already learnt that the team is formed as a result of interactions and influence of members who strive for the achievement of common goal. In this process, the team members try to understand others behaviour, realise the appropriateness of the behaviour and the roles of the team members. This is an on going process because the composition of team may keep on changing. The new members may join and the old members may leave the team. Thus, the team members pass through several stages for the development of team. 

Bruce Truckman has identified five stage model of team development. These are discussed below:


Forming: This is the first stage of team development. In this stage, the members try to explore and understand the behaviour of the team members. They make their efforts in understanding the expectations of the team members. At this stage, they are polite and try to find out how to fit into the team.


Storming: In the second stage, members start competing for status, leadership and control in the group. Individuals understand others behaviour and assert their role in the group. As a result, inter-personal conflict starts. Members try to resolve the issues related to the task and working relations. They also resolve the issues related to the role of the individual in the group.


Norming: The members start moving in a cohesive manner. They establish a balance among various conflicting forces. They develop group norms and consensus for the achievement of the group goal. At this stage, cooperative feelings develop among the team members.


Performing: In this stage, the team makes effort for the performance of task and accomplishment of objectives. The established pattern of relationships improves coordination and helps in resolving conflicts. Members trust each other and extend their full cooperation for the achievement of the group goal.


Adjourning: As you must be aware that the team is formed for some purpose. When this purpose is fulfilled, the team may be adjourned. Thus, the breaking up of the team is referred to adjournment.

Kormanski and Mozenter have identified following stages of team development:

·      Awareness

·      Conflict

·      Cooperation

·      Productivity, and

·      Separation

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