Steps In The Organisation Process

Organising involves the following interrelated steps :


1)     Determination of objectives :Organisation is always related to certain objectives. Therefore, it is essential for the management to identify the objectives before starting any activity. It will help the management in the choice of men and materials with the help of which it can achieve its objectives. Objectives also serve as the guidelines for the management and the workers. They will bring unity of direction in the organisation.


2)     Identification and grouping of activities :If the members of the groups are to pool their efforts effectively there must be proper division of the major activities. Each job should be properly classified and grouped. This will enable the people to know what is expected from them as members of the group and will help in avoiding duplication of efforts. For instance, the total activities of an individual industrial organisation may be divided into major functions like production, purchasing, marketing, and financing, and each such function is further subdivided into various jobs. The Jobs then may be classified and grouped to ensure the effective implementation of the other steps.


3)     Allotment of duties : After classifying and grouping the activities into various jobs, they should be allotted to the individuals so that they could perform them effectively. Each individual should be given a specific job to do according to his ability and made responsible for that. He should also be given the adequate authority to do the job assigned to him.


4)     Developing relationships : Since so many individuals work in the same organisation, it is the responsibility of management to lay down structure of relationships in the organisation. Everybody should clearly know to whom he is accountable. This will help in the smooth working of the enterprise by facilitating delegation of responsibility and authority.


5)     Integration of these groups of activities : Integration can be achieved in all activities in following ways-(a) through authority relationships - horizontally, vertically, and laterally and (b) through organised information or communication systems, i.e., with the help of effective coordination and communication. We can achieve unity of objectives, team work and team spirit by the integration of different activities.

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