Significance of Organisation Structure

The organisation structure contributes to the efficient functioning of organisations in the following ways.


a)    Clear-cut authority relationships:Organisation structure allocates authority and responsibility. It specifies who is to direct whom and who is accountable for what results. The structure helps an organisation member to know what is his role and how does it relate to other roles.


b)    Pattern of communication:Organisation structure provides the patterns of communication and coordination. By grouping activities and people, structure facilitates communication between people centred on their job activities. People who have joint problems to solve often need to share information.


c)     Location of decision centres:Organisation structure determines the location of centres of decision making in the organisation. A departmental store, for instance may follow a structure that leaves pricing, sales promotion and other matters largely up to individual departments to ensure that various departmental conditions are considered.


d)    Proper balancing:Organisation structure creates the proper balance and emphasises on coordination of group activities. Those more critical aspect for the success of the enterprise may be given higher priority in the organisation. Research in a pharmaceutical company, for instance, might be singled out for reporting to the general manager or the managing director of the company. Activities of comparable importance might be given, roughly equal levels in the structure to give them equal emphasis.


e)     Stimulating creativity: Sound organisation structure stimulates creative thinking and initiative among organisational members by providing well defined patterns of authority. Everybody knows the area where he specialises and where his efforts will be appreciated.


f)     Encouraging growth: An organisation structure provides the framework within which an enterprise functions. If it is flexible, it will help in meeting challenges and creating opportunities for growth. A sound organisation structure facilitates growth of the enterprise by increasing its capacity to handle increased level of activity.


g)    Making use of technological improvements: A sound organisation structure which is adaptable to change can make the best possible use of latest technology. It will modify the existing pattern of authority-responsibility relationships in the wake of technological improvements.

In short, existence of good organisation structure is essential for better management. Properly designed organisation can help in improving team work and productivity by providing a framework within which the people can work together most effectively. Therefore, an organisation structure should be developed according to the needs of the people in the organisation.

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