Role Of Motivation

The following factors contribute to the significance of the role of motivation :

1)    Managers and organisational researchers cannot avoid a concern with the behaviour requirements of an organisation. Every organisation needs people (in addition to physical and financial resources) in order to function.

2)    Motivation as a concept is pervasive and a highly complex activity that affects and is affected by a host of factors in the organisational milieu.

3)    Organisational effectiveness becomes to some degree a question of management’s ability to motivate its employees, to direct at least a reasonable effort toward the goals of the organisation.

4)    As technology increases in complexity, machines tend to become necessary, but insufficient vehicles of effective and efficient operations. In other words, it becomes necessary for an organisation to ensure that it has employees who are both capable of using and willing to use the advanced technology to achieve organisational goals.

5)    Many organisations are now beginning to pay increasing attention to develop their employees as future resources (for talent bank) upon which they can draw as they grow and develop.

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