Process Of Communication

The process of communication implies the existence of a sender, a receiver, a message and a motivating climate for it. The process includes the following steps:


1)    Clear perception of the idea or problem : No message can be transmitted properly unless the idea or problem is formulated with clarity of thought and perception on the part of the communicator. It is only on the basis of clear thinking that the communicator can decide on the means to be adopted to convey the message.


2)    Participation of others involved : The next step is to secure the participation of other persons in the decision to communicate a message. This may be helpful in clarifying the ideas through interaction with others, gathering new ideas and suggestions, and in creating a motivating climate for securing positive response to the message.


3)    Transmission of the message : What to communicate, to whom, when and how are expected to be decided before actual transmission of the message. Actual transmission involves preparing the matter and the form of communication (known as ‘encoding’ the message) and selecting the medium or means of communication (oral or written) keeping in view the nature of person or group to be addressed.


4)    Motivating the receiver of the message : The communicator cannot depend on the message alone to get an appropriate response from the receiver. He must ensure that the receiver of the message is not only able to interpret the message correctly but is also prepared to act according to it. Thus, apart from the clarity of the message, it must inspire the receiver to do or behave as desired by the sender of the message.


5)    Evaluation of the effectiveness of communication : After the message has been transmitted and accepted by the receiver, it remains for the communicator to ascertain and evaluate the nature of impact of the communication. This determines whether and to what extent the receiver has positively responded to the message.

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