Principles Of Communication

There are no fixed principles for the guidance of communication by the managers of an organisation. The guidelines which are useful for making communications effective may be regarded as principles of communication. These are listed below:

1)    The problem or idea to be communicated needs to be analysed systematically so as to be clear about it.

2)    The purpose of each communication, that is, what is really to be accomplished through the communication should determine the language, means and media of communication.

3)    The meaning and intention of communication is conveyed not by words alone. The timing, physical setting, and the organisational climate are important determinants of the success of communication.

4)    Consultation with others may be appropriately made in planning communication so as to gain additional insight and objectivity to the message.

5)    The basic content and overtones of the message as well as receptiveness to the viewpoint of the receiver have considerable impact on the effectiveness of communication.

6)    Whenever possible, messages should convey something of value to the receiver in the light of his interest and needs.

7)    Communications have greater chances of being effective when followed up by encouraging the receiver to express his reactions, or by review of performance and ensuring a feedback.

8)    Although communications are primarily necessary to meet immediate situations, they must also be consistent with long-term interest and goals.

9)    The most persuasive communication is not what is conveyed through words but the action of the communicator following the communication.

10)  The sender of a message should ensure that the message is understood. But he must try to understand the reaction and attitude of the receiver by listening to his viewpoint.

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