Objectives Of Coordination

You have learnt the meaning and need for coordination. Let us now discuss the objectives of coordination which have been listed as below:


1)    Reconciliation of goals : Conflicts in organisation arise because of differences between organisational goals and individual goals and the individualistic perception of goals and its realisation. Coordination is the only means by which such conflicts can be avoided.

2)    Total accomplishment of goals : Although individuals are firmly committed for the achievement of organisation goals. Individual contribution to work bring about total accomplishment which is in excess of the aggregate of the individual contribution. This is realised through the establishment of a reporting system and clear cut spelling out of business objectives.


3)    Harmonious relationships : Another objective of coordination is to maintain harmonious relationship between individual and the organisation. Individuals derive satisfaction when their work performance brings about realisation of the desired goal. This keeps their morale high. As the organisation is structured with clear lines of authority and responsibility, conflict between line and staff personnel is minimised and better relationship is established.


4) Economy and efficiency:Coordination aims at bring about economy and efficiency of operations through synchronisation of activities and individual efforts whereby wastage of resources is minimised. There is saving of time and expense. Reduced rejection and minimum delays in execution lead to efficiency in the operations of the organisation.

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