Importance of Organisation

Sound organisation contributes greatly to the continuity and success of the enterprise. Its importance can be discussed below :


i)      Facilitates administration : Sound organisation facilitates management to relate resource flows continually to overall objectives. It provides an appropriate platform from where management can perform the functions of planning, direction, coordination, motivation and control.


ii)    Facilitates growth and diversification : It helps in organisational elaboration. Growth and diversification of activities is facilitated by clear division of work, proper delegation of authority etc. As the organisation expands to a reasonable proportion, the functional type can be replaced by a more flexible decentralised organisation.


iii)   Permits optimum use of resources : Sound organisation permits optimum use of technical and human resources. The organisation can incorporate the latest technological improvements like computers, electronic data processing machines etc. It permits optimum use of human efforts through specialisation. It also develops people by creating appropriate training and promotion opportunities. Thus, organisation gives a company the greatest possible strength for meeting predicted needs-changing conditions.


iv)   Stimulated creativity :Specialisation provides individuals with well-defined duties, clear lines of authority and responsibility. Sound organisation structure enables managers to turn over routine and repetitive jobs to supporting positions and concentrate on important issues where they can exploit their potential better. Thus, it encourages the creativity of the people.


v)     Encourages humanistic approach : People can work in team and not like robots or machines. Organisation provides job rotation, job enlargement and enrichment. Jobs are designed to suit human needs and are made meaningful and interesting. Organisation adopts efficient methods of selection, training, remuneration and promotion of employees. Proper delegation and decentralisation, conducive working environment and democratic and participative leadership provide higher job satisfaction to the employees. It enhances the interaction among different levels of the management.

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