Importance of Delegation

Delegation of authority is one of the most important element in the process of organisation. Organisations are characterised by a network of activities and roles. Delegation is the process through which the interrelationships are created among individuals in their different roles in the organisation.

Delegation is necessary because it is physically impossible for a single man to look after the affairs of a large organisation. The success of a manager lies in his ability to multiply himself through other people. The organisations of today are not only large but also complex in character. No manager can claim to have all the skills and expertise to perform all the diverse kinds of jobs. Again, large scale business activities are not confined to one place. It may have several branches and units at several places. Delegation becomes a necessity for running these branches.

An organisation is a continuity. Managers may go and come but the organisation continues. Delegation provides continuity of operations in the organisation. The process of delegation helps managerial development in an organisation.

Thus, delegation is important for any organisation because it reduces the burden of the manager and leaves him free to look after important matters of the organisation. It is a method by which subordinates can be developed and trained to take up higher responsibilities. It provides continuity to the organisation and creates a healthy organisational climate by creating better understanding among the employees.

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