Functions Of Leadership

A leadership functions of a manager are closely related with his managerial functions. But they are somewhat different as well as overlapping. Essentially, the leader as a manager has to set the group goal, make plans, motivate and inspire subordinates and supervise performance. But he has to perform several other functions as leader. The more important of these functions are given below:


1)    To develop team work : One of the primary functions of the leader is to develop his work-group as a team. It is his responsibility to create a congenial work-environment keeping in view the subordinates competence, needs and potential abilities.


2)    To act as a representative of the work-group : The leader of a work-group is expected to act as a link between the group and top management. When necessary, the leader has to communicate the problems and grievances of his subordinates to the top management.


3)    To act as a counsellor of the people at work : Where the subordinates face problems in connection with their performance at work, the leader has to guide and advise the subordinates concerned. The problems may be technical or emotional in nature.


4)    Time management : The leader’s functions include not only ensuring the quality and efficiency of work performed by the group, but also checking on the timeliness of completing different stages of work.


5)    Proper use of power : While exercising power or authority in relation to his subordinates, the leader must be careful about using his power in different ways according to the situation. It may be necessary to use reward power, coercive power, or expert power, formal or informal power, depending on what will stimulate positive response from the subordinates.


6)    Secure effectiveness of group-effort : To get the maximum contribution towards the achievement of objectives, the leader must provide for a reward system to improve the efficiency of capable workmen, delegate authority, and invite participation of employees in decision-making, ensure the availability of adequate resources, and communicate necessary information to the employees.

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