Concept Of Team

If you visit an organisation, you will find that most of the activities of the organisation are performed by a group of persons. In an organisation, activities are arranged in such a way that require collective contribution. Every individual contributes for the achievement of a common goal. The individuals interact, collaborate, coordinate and influence among the members. Thus, most of the time individuals work in a team. A team may be defined as group of two or more people who interact and influence the members for the achievement of common goal.

Steven and Mary Ann Von have defined team as “groups of two or more people who interact and influence each other, are mutually accountable for achieving common objectives, and perceive themselves as a social entity within an organisation”. Based on this definition, the characteristics of the teams may be elaborated as under:

·      a group of two or more persons

·      regular interactions among members

·      influence the behaviour of team members

·      mutually accountable

·      interdependent

·      social entity

·      achievement of common goal

The frequency of interactions, influence and the nature of task may determine the formation of group, i.e., long-term, short-term, formal, informal, etc.

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