Apps For Various Domains & Segments

There are various types of Apps developed and confined to various domains, a brief about all that is explained below:

1. Augmented and Virtual Reality App: Virtual reality apps are one of the most popular apps developed in the segment. Many of the VR based app are most popular among users few examples of such apps are Pokémon Go, Google Map etc. Pokémon Go with its augmented reality mode broke the app market and became viral. 

The well-known social application with Google Maps became top app from last many years as the number of users of this application is constantly growing. Another VR app worth mentioning is Just a Line, an experimental app that allows you to make simple drawings using your phone in augmented reality, film a short video, and share it with your friends. Mobile virtual reality or VR has never been that affordable. Anyone who has a smartphone can purchase a cardboard VR headset to get the experience of VR apps available for download in app stores or to watch 360-degree videos on YouTube.


2. Artificial Intelligence Apps:Artificial Intelligence is more than just an assistant, it learns from user behaviour, it is integrated into chatbots and thus leverages user experience in-app. AI can not only make your app smarter but also saves money. No doubt everyone who has a smart phone has at least heard of Siri or Google Assistant or similar AI apps that aim to make our life easier by searching for information using voice commands. 


3. Retail Shopping Apps: These days retail shoppers are not lacking behind in competition. They have also started leveraging benefits of new technology by developing their online apps. Nowadays a shop doesn’t have to be big to start taking benefits from creating its mobile app. The advantage of having a mobile application for even a small business is that it increases brand recognition and brings the e- commerce user experience to a whole new level, it helps to build customer loyalty, to collect feedback as well as simply stand out from the crowd. For example, Max, FBB and Reliance Trends have made their omni channel presence.


4. Restaurants and Food Delivery Apps: More and more people prefer to check the place and its menu before actually going there. Restaurant and food apps encourage clients’ interaction, develop loyalty, and increase brand recognition.  In 2020, the top food app became Uber Eats with its sales system, built-in navigation, and online payments. Another popular app in the food sector turned out to be Domino’s Pizza app that helps you to place your order using AI and track your pizza location on the map and also allows pre orders and thus saves waiting time.


5. Mobile Wallets, Banking and Finance Apps: In coming years, the number of financial apps users is going to reach in billions. On average users check their bank account and make some transfers using apps every day. Mobile wallets, and other popular online payment trends in the last years, is a great option for those who do not want to carry the plastic debit and credit cards but rather just take their smart phone whenever they go out. Android users can install Google Pay while people who prefer iOS can use Apple Pay. The online payment apps provide great ease and convenience to the users. Also have some add on benefits such as cash back, discounts etc. which is found to be more lucrative. 


6. Video Streaming Apps: Video Streaming are one of the most popular apps especially in the adolescent segment. Gone are the days when people used to wait for going to the theatre to watch any movie. A huge upsurge was noticed in the times of COVID especially in the entertainment industry. Most of the movies were launched on these platforms giving viewers a wide access with no extra cost.  Netflix, the leading TV show broadcasting service, was ahead in Application annual consumer spending in 2020, while YouTube was number one in time spent. YouTube Kids aimed at children aged 4 and up, meant to protect them from inappropriate content, also remained among leaders in some countries. The video streaming service for gamers Twitch was in the top five apps by time spent in countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, to name a few.

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