Advantages & Limitations of job Enrichment

Advantages of job Enrichment

Following are the advantages of job enrichment:

i)     It makes the work interesting.

ii)    It decreases the rates of absenteeism and labour turnover.

iii)   It helps motivation through opportunities for growth and advancement.

iv)   It makes for task reinforcement and increases the skill of workers.

v)    Workers get higher job satisfaction.

vi)   The enterprise gains through improvement of output both quantitatively and qualitatively and higher satisfaction of the workers.


Limitations of job Enrichment

Following are the limitations of job enrichment:

i)     Technology may not permit the enrichment of all jobs. With specialised machinery, it may not be possible to make jobs very meaningful.

ii)    Job enrichment has proved to be a costly process in certain cases as the expenditure involved is bigger than the gains in productivity.

iii)   Jobs of highly skilled professional employees contain many challenging elements, but they are not necessarily that much efficient.

iv)   It is difficult to say that all workers really want challenging jobs. Many of them even like to avoid responsibility. They seem to like above all job security and pay.

v)    All those who prefer job enrichment may not have the requisite capability to meet the new challenges.

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