Advantages & Drawbacks of Manual

 Advantages of Manual

1)     It contains procedural rules and regulations and various other information in a written form. These need not be explained to the employees time and again.

2)     It provides a ready reference with regard to all important decisions relating to the internal organisation of the enterprise.

3)     It presents jurisdictional conflicts by clear indication of the sources of authority.

4)     It enables new employees to learn the standard procedures and practices in the shortest possible time. They have a clear understanding of the responsibilities of their jobs and their relationship with other jobs.

5)     It enables quick decisions as instructions and policies are stated in definite terms.


Drawbacks of Manual

1)     Small enterprises cannot afford to have a manual because its preparation is costly and a time-consuming process.

2)     Manuals may cause rigidity of operations in the organisation by putting the standard procedures and practices in writing. It leaves little scope for individual initiative and discretion.

3)     Manuals may put on record those relationships which no one would like to see exposed.

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