The following measures of absolute dispersion are in common use :


1) Based on selected items of the data 

i) Range - spread for entire data

ii) Inter Quartile Range - spread for middle 50% data. More commonly Quartile Deviation is used in its place, which is half of inter quartile range.


2) Based on all items of the data

i) Mean Deviation - mean of the absolute deviations from central tendency.

ii) Standard Deviation or Root Mean Square Deviation about arithmetic mean


3) A Graphic Method - Lorenz Curve (This, however, is not a part of discussion in this course).


The relative measures of dispersion corresponding to the measures of absolute dispersion are :



 Absolute Measures of Dispersion

Relative Measures of Dispersion



Coefficient of Range


Quartile Deviation 

Coefficient of Quartile Deviation


Mean Deviation 

Coefficient of Mean Deviation


Standard Deviation

Coefficient of Standard Deviation



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