Major Features of Employer-Employee Relations

Based on the discussion above, major features of employer-employee relations are summarised below:


1) Outcome of the Employment Relationship:Employer-employee relations are the outcome of the employment relationship in industry. These relations exist due to existence of  two parties,  employer and employees. It is the industry which provides the setting for employer-employee relations.


2)    Inclusive of Individual Relations as well as Collective Relations: Employer-employee relations include both individual relations as well as collective relations. Individual relations imply relations between employer and employees. Collective relations refer to relations between employers’ associations and trade unions as well as the role of the State in regulating these relations.


3)    Complex and Multi-dimensional: The concept is not limited to relations between trade unions and employer. It extends to the broad relationships between employers, employees and the Government. It covers regulated as well as unregulated, institutionalised as well as individual relations. It may occur in organised as well as unorganised sector.


4)    Dynamic and Developing: It may change with changing environment of industry. It changes along with the economic and social institutions of the society.

Economic factors include : economic organisations (capitalist, socialist, individual ownership, company ownership, and Government ownership), capital structure and technology, nature and composition of labour force, demand and supply of labour.

Institutional factors refer to : state policy, labour legislation, employers’ organisations, trade unions, social institutions (community, caste, joint family, and religions), attitude to work, power and status systems, motivation and influence, etc.


5)    Involvement of Multiple Parties in the Employer-Employee Relations System: As you must be aware that the main parties are employers and their associations, employees and their unions, and the Government. These three groups interact to shape the relationship.

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