About  Tally Software

Tally ERP.9, developed by Tally Solutions Ltd., is one of the most popular and widely used business management software available in India and other countries. It can be used by small to large business organization. It is available with two types of licensing system:


1.    Silver Edition Mode (Single user): It is for single use PC. It can be activated online or offline. It can be accessed from the system on which it is installed by only a single user.


2.    Gold Edition Mode (Unlimited Multi user): It is for unlimited number of user PCs. It is installed on LAN (local area network) and supports a maximum of ten users.


How to Start  Tally ERP.9

Go to start button, click ‘all programs’. With in ‘All Program’, go to Tally ERP.9 or installation of Tally icon on the desktop. If you double click on Tally icon, Tally will open and you can start working on it.


Components of  Tally

The gateway of Tally displays menus, screens, reports and options that you select. The components of Tally ERP.9 are:


1. Top Horizontal Button Bar: This is a collection of buttons that are fixed

and provide quick interaction.


2. Close Button: This helps in moving out of Tally application.


3. Screen Name: It shows the name of the current screen.


4. Right Pane: In right pane menus are displayed. The red letter in each menu represents short cut and by pressing that alphabet from keyboard one can open the menu.


5. Left Pane: It shows current period, current date and name of companies with last date of voucher entry done in each company.


6. Vertical Panel Bar: It is used for quick interaction.


7. Calculator: It can be used for calculation work and figures can be computed. (Ctrl + N)


8. Information Panel: This displays details of product, version, license and configurations.


9. Task Bar: It shows the complete navigation path of the current menu or screen selected.


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