Define Employee Empowerment. Why is it necessary? What is benefits of Employee Empowerment? What approaches can be used by the managers to empower its employees?

Employee Empowerment

Empowerment may be defined as providing employees at all levels the authority and responsibility to take decisions on their own. It occurs when power goes to employees who then experience a sense of ownership and control over their job. According to, Newstrom and Davis (1986) “empowerment is any process that provides greater authority through the sharing of relevant information and the provision of control over factors affecting job performance.”


Empowerment has become necessary due to the following reasons:

1)    The response time has been reduced drastically. For example, the complaints of the customers are resolved within the stipulated time.

2)    First-line employees are expected to take appropriate decisions.

3)    Authority has been granted to employees, therefore, he may take quick decision.

4)    The empowerment may help in channelising the untapped potential of employees.


Benefits of Employee Empowerment

1)    Accountability Improves: The management develops trust by empowering the employees. As a result, employees become more accountable. She/he feels confident that the superior recognises her/his abilities.

2)    Faster Problem Resolution: If a person is given the resources and authority to get the job done, the job may be performed faster.

3)    Higher Quality Customer Service: If the employees are empowered to take decision, s/he may be motivated to provide better quality service to the customers.  He need not consult every time from his superiors.  He feels pride in serving better to the customer.

4)    Job Satisfaction: Empowered employees feel valued and trusted. If he solves the problem of the customer, he feels happy and satisfied.  He gets the feeling of accomplishment. Moreover, he becomes confident in resolving the problems of the customers.

5)    Improved Processes and Procedures: Empowered employees are involved in every aspect of the job from their perspective. An empowered employee explores for better way of performing the job. Empowered employees understand that managers respect new ideas which may facilitate better performance.


Approaches to Empowerment

Following approaches can be used by the managers to empower its employees:

i)     Developing employees through training, coaching, and guided experience.

ii)    Providing discretion over job performance and making them accountable for the performance outcomes.

iii)   Providing successful role models.

iv)   Reinforcing employees by giving promise, encouragement, and feedback.

v)    Providing emotional support through role clarity, assistance, personal care and continuous support.

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