July 24, 2021 1:34 am

In Chess you can win with only 10 moves

You must have seen various chess puzzles where you are asked to find a checkmate in 3 moves or a mate in 2 moves. But have you ever wondered – which is the fastest deadlock ever possible? I mean how can you reach a stationary position by making the least number of moves in a game. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, I’ll show you this is actually a chess creation made by Samloyd and it’s really fun to watch.

Obviously, the moves are not going to be particularly great as the objective is not to win the game but to gain an old mate. But for now, let’s see how we can do it. So we will look at two variants. And let’s start with the smallest stalemate game first. As you can see, it’s only 10 moves. It is Black’s turn and he has no legal move. Therefore, it is a draw by the stale partner. And yes, it is the fastest deadlock ever known.

If you want, you can also try it on your chess board and check it yourself. Okay, now let’s look at another old mating position, but this time, we won’t capture any. let’s take a look. Now here, both sides took no captures, so we have all the pieces on the board. We only have 12 moves in the game and white has no legal moves. Hence, it is again a draw by the stale partner. If you enjoyed it I wish I could give you more information like this, then show your support

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