July 24, 2021 1:40 am

Top 5 Most Useful and unknown website

Today I will show you Top 5 useful websites you wish to know earlier Let’s see that. Number

1: Pic Monkey Sometimes you just want to quickly edit a photo without having to learn complicated image editing programs like Photoshop Pic monkey makes it real simple. Select edit a photo or select an image from your computer. And select open then select computer you also have the option hub and Facebook and if you have temples on here. There are a ton of editing options and you can simply edit your photo. From here. when you are done saving your image then click on export and save your desired pic to your computer.

Number 2: Wide Screen Gaming Forum For those of you with widescreen 4k or multiple monitors. this side can make your gaming experience on pc even better. you can find the game, From the game database and the game database listed in alphabetical order. so you can see if that game is supported by your monitor. And This side can also offer fixes or workarounds to get your gaming working perfectly on your gaming monitor.

Number 3: Codecade my If you are just starting out learning how To Code? code academy is great for learning the basic concepts. They offer several courses including javaScript HTMLPythonAnd even Ruby. To start a course just select which one you want to learn. It will give you all kinds of information about how to learn it step by step instruction.

Number 4: Print Friendly We have all been on the website and have wanted to print out an article or tutorial. But most of the time the ads and the picture make the printout a mess. This site makes the Pronounced more printer-friendly. First, you want to select a URL that you want to print out. I will show you an example follow meI am printing this articleThencopy this URL and paste here and click print preview select print to send it to your printer or you can create a PDF or Email it.

Number 5. Open LibraryHere’s another great website from the internet archive. The open library offers more them 250,000 free ebooks that can be either PDF. Best of all it is all completely legal. So, next time you are looking for a book to read you can use this website. That’s it. Thank you for watching this video. My name is Salim Khan. You are watching Computer Repair. If you like this video, please put a thumbs up and appreciate it just so the youtube algorithm knows that you actually

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