July 24, 2021 1:35 am

The Price Of These 10 Lamborghini Cars Will Surprise You

hey guys today we are looking at the top10 expensive Lamborghini models ever built by Lamborghini in the world

number1 Lamborghini Veneno roadster was sold in the auction in Switzerland for 8.4million dollars in India 59.80crore rupees making it the world’s most expensive Lamborghini ever auctioned

number 2 Lamborghini Veneno was first launched in 2013 and it is the second most expensive car ever built by Lamborghini the cost of the car is 4.5 million dollars in India32.04 crore rupees

number 3 Lamborghini egoista concept is a special edition 50th anniversary car made under the inspiration of Apachehelicopter it was launched for 3.9million dollars in India 27.76 crore rupees

number 4 Lamborghini Aventador J was first unveiled in the 2012 GenevaMotor Show for the price of 2.8 million dollars in India 19.93 Crore rupees

number 5 Lamborghini Sesto Elementosupercar was first unveiled at the Paris Motor Show 2010 and only 20 were made for the price of 2.2 million dollars in India 15.66 crore rupees

number 6 Lamborghini preguntaconcept was first unveiled in 1998Paris Motor Show and it is sold now for2.1 million dollars in India 14.95 crore rupees

number 7 limited edition Lamborghini Reventon roadster was first shown on 11 July 2019 for the price of 1.5 Million dollars in India 10.67 crore rupees

number 8 Lamborghini Diablo was first launched in 1990 and today the cost of the car is $1,000,000 in India7.11 crore rupees

number nine Lamborghini Aventador SVJroadster costs around 600,000US dollars in any other car launched for 6.25 crore rupees with import duty tax included

number ten Lamborghini Aventador s right now it is the most famous car of Lamborghini it comes with the price of$393,000US dollar in India 5.01crore rupees and guys today’s

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