July 24, 2021 12:23 am

Learn Dancer Pose With A Few Simple Steps

For Dancer Pose or Nataraja Sana, come into a standing position with your feet together. Draw one leg in toward your chest and begin to root down through all four corners of your standing leg foot. Lift the kneecap to engage the standing leg quadricep and firm the glute in toward the midline to stabilize the pelvis. Find a focal point out in front of you and grab a hold of the bent leg ankle with the same sidearm.

Bring that bent leg knee down in line with the standing leg. Begin to tip forward and reach that lifted leg foot up behind you. Bring your free arm across the body holding on to that lifted leg foot. Now for the flip grip – bringing that same side elbow to the inside or outside of the leg, turn the palm up and grab ahold of the pinky toe edge of the foot. Let go with that free arm and turn your chest toward the front of the mat, lifting the elbow toward the sky. Then take your free arm up, reach it back behind you, and grab ahold of that lifted leg foot. Kick the foot up as you press the chest forward and straighten your standing leg.

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