July 24, 2021 2:36 am

Sleep in only 10 seconds, Military Method

How to Fall Asleep in 10 Seconds or Less? This Simple Trick Can Help You Fall Asleep in 10 Seconds or Less. you are likely up late at night and have a hard time sleeping. Do you have trouble sleeping at night? I’m going to tell you all about sleep, why you need it, why you’ve got trouble falling asleep, and the fastest way to sleep in as little as 10 seconds, Yes in 10 seconds! So, Why Is Sleep So Important?

You don’t have to pull up the latest scientific studies to explain “why” sleep is so important to both our mental and physical health. That’s just because you’ve probably experienced the toll of insufficient sleep firsthand on many occasions. Sleep allows the body to recharge and if you’re not waking up with a full power bar, then you’re not fully powered. What’s more, a consistent lack of sleep has been correlated to an increase in health problems such as heart disease, asthma, depression, high blood pressure, and stroke. How many hours of sleep do I need? Sleep requirements vary slightly from person to person, most adults need between 7 to 9hours of sleep per night to function at their best.

While children and teenagers need even more. And … despite the notion that our sleep needs decrease with age, most older people still need a minimum of seven hours of sleep. How Can I Fall Asleep Quickly? The answer is “The Military Method” What?… You thought that we were joking when we said you’d be sleeping like a soldier? We are not joking; trained soldiers have found out the way to fall asleep fast and with considerable efficiency. In the military, soldiers practice a method that involves relaxing the body and clearing the mind of all thoughts.

It reportedly helps them fall asleep in 10seconds flat. Military sleeping techniques are breathing and relaxation exercises. It’s all about entering stress-free zones that your mind can seamlessly drift into slumber. Try the following method (also referred to as the 10-second method) Close your eyes and relax every muscle in your face Release tension by dropping your shoulders and letting your arms and hands drop to your sides.

Exhale and relax your chest Let the relief and relaxation travel down to your legs, thighs, and feet. Vacate your mind of stress by imagining a peaceful place. If your mind isn’t shutting off, repeat the mantra “don’t think” repeatedly. Without realizing it, you’ve fallen asleep. But If No Luck? Try repeating “don’t think” for 10 seconds. Please keep in mind that sleep problems are standard side effects of psychological conditions, including depression and anxiety. So, if you’ve noticed other symptoms, that also a good reason to reach out to a professional. Remember you simply need 21 days to form a good habit! So, what do you do when you can’t fall asleep

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